Bringing People and Cities Together

Throughout the years, we’ve solidified our reputation as a national and regional leader in bridges construction. Albekat Grup designs and implementscutting-edge construction processes and technologies, useshigh-end equipment, and delivers the most innovative, structurally tough, and beautifully designed bridges and supporting elements.

Albekat Grup bridge

No One Does It Better

Some of the most beautiful and most complex bridges in N. Macedonia and the region are brought to life because of our dedicated work. Bridges connect people, cities, states, trades, and products, and each of our bridges is a fundamental part of that network.

The variety of bridge construction projects just proves our experience and success for each type of bridge size and substructure. Our team has developed unique bridges, along with substructures which include concrete and steel pile, drilled shafts, cofferdams, floating caissons, cast-in-place and pre-cast concrete.

Albekat Grup bridge