Building for Customers and Communities

AlbekatGrup delivers high-end and cost-efficient business & residential construction services that help our clients to fulfil their visions, while improving the life of the communities that they serve.

We bring decades of experience to every commercial and residential project, resulting in a seamless process, outstanding work ethic, cost-efficiency, and the best possible results.

Albekat Grup Velcity

Our Process

01. Pre-Construction:

Budgeting, materials ordering, design reviews, team meetings, documentation, and subcontractor agreements.

02. Designing:

Architectural design and engineering, construction and post-construction assessments.

03. Contracting:

Construction and delivering project stages on time, maintain strong client and subcontractor relationships.

Albekat Grup Limak

Why AlbekatGrup?

As a large commercial and residential contractor, we pay attention to every detail of our clients’ projects. We are efficient, nimble, and flexible as each project evolves, and we never make compromises when it comes to quality.  nimbly and allows for maximum flexibility as your projects evolves.

We build bigger, and we build better. Our construction services are tailored to meet your project requirements. We manage every detail from start to finish, and we bring the right people, experience, know-how and processes to deliver nothing but the finest results in the field.