Innovative and Advanced Solutions for any Engineering Challenge

AlbekatGrup is experienced in developing major civil engineering projects for the public and private sectors. We are focused on delivering our valuable experience and innovation throughout all of our projects, bringing results andprofits for our clients in the process.

Our expertise allows us to successfully execute top-shelf civil engineering structures, from drainage, bridges, reservoirs, deep foundations, to water reservoirs and retaining walls.

We embrace cutting-edge civil construction processes and technology, and we apply innovative thinking for each of our clients, which allows us to complete projects of all sizes in a safe and budget-friendly manner.

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Our Offer

01. Optimized Manpower:

We optimize the worksite and our manpower, and through an expedited construction process, we accelerate the construction of multi-story buildings.

02. Profitable Construction:

We make the buildings profitable for you. Each of the available spaces is perfectly optimized, structural elements are durable with superior strength, and each of our buildings fits perfectly in tight urban areas.

03. Environmentally Friendly:

We help you obtain each of the required green building accreditations. Our solutions make use of energy-efficient and insulating materials that help you decrease heating and cooling costs.

What Our Civil Engineering Specialist Can Do for You?

AlbekatGrup is one of the leading civilengineering companies in N. Macedonia and the region.So far, we’ve worked with a variety of clients in the region, signing major infrastructure contracts for civil manufacturing.

We have the capacity to tackle projects of all sizes, with knowledge and adequate equipment, and experience to build ambitious projects, going above and beyond compared toevery other civil engineering company.