Designing and developing usable and globally recognized buildings that attract your clients and justify your investment's profitability.

AlbekatGrup is a leading commercial and office construction company specialized in the design and development of hospitality, office, industrial, restaurant, and other commercial projects. 

We take our job seriously, which is why clients keep coming back to us and refer our work. As an eminent construction firm, we abide by strict project guidelines and schedules and always help our clients fulfill their vision within their budgets.

Our powerful capacities and resources help us execute a wide variety of projects. Our construction process and methodology have helped us develop some of the most fascinating commercial structures across N. Macedonia and beyond.

Albekat Grup Limak

Our Offer

01. Optimized Manpower:

We optimize the worksite and our manpower, and through an expedited construction process, we accelerate the construction of multi-story buildings.

02. Profitable Construction:

We make the buildings profitable for you. Each of the available spaces is perfectly optimized, structural elements are durable with superior strength, and each of our buildings fits perfectly in tight urban areas.

03. Environmentally Friendly:

We help you obtain each of the required green building accreditations. Our solutions make use of energy-efficient and insulating materials that help you decrease heating and cooling costs.

What AlbekatGrup Brings to The Table?

Through meticulous project preparation and execution, we help our clients achieve their business goals.

We have adopted a client-centric approach, the best construction methodologies, standards, and the applicable safety measurements for creating constructing high-end commercial and office buildings.

We understand our clients’ requirements, and we transform their dreams into reality. Whatever the project is, we give our 100% in undertaking it.

Albekat Grup Limak

Commercial Construction Consulting

At AlbekatGrup, along with first-class commercial construction services, we also provide expert advice for your project. Our clients get the best possible suggestions for the project, enabling them to envision and own modern and multi-purpose commercial buildings.

As a leading construction contractor, we establish long-term working relationships with each of our clients, which helps us get recommendations and successfully operate in different segments.

Our engineering team carefully assesses each of your requirements and takes each construction aspect into consideration to develop top-in-class and commercial buildings.

Passionate and committed to providing excellence, we execute projects from start to finish.  Our clients are provided with outstanding, unique, futuristic, exciting, and functional commercial solutions that are architecturally gorgeous and immaculate.

We create perfect drawings and detailed plans for each of our projects, providing our clients with outstanding and substantial commercial & office buildings.

We maximize and improve the efficiency of our resources, labor, equipment, and materials to make sure that our clients get nothing but the most satisfactory service in the industry.